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Director of Flight Operations Position

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JB Management Consulting

Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot

Position Summary:

This position exercises operational control the the company aircraft (Cirrus SR-22T) and ensures all activities of the flight department, including flight operations, personnel, and equipment comply with FAA regulations. The tentative start date is October 2013.


Commercial SEL


1200 Hours Total Time

75 Hours Sim/Actual Instrument

G-1000 Proficiency

K-State Graduate

Essential responsibilities and required skills:

  1. Superior pilot competency and judgment – accurately plan all flights, make go/ no-go decisions, professionally execute trips, provide logistical support, and constantly evaluate safety and risk during flight operations putting safety first and mission objectives second.
  2. Effective communication – accurately communicate discrepancies with maintenance personnel, inform CEO of maintenance activities, regularly update aircraft schedule, and maintain a healthy relationship with the home FBO.
  3. Self starter and problem solver – identify problems and solutions and work to implement them. Constantly look for areas to improve the aircraft, flight operations, flight experience, cost effectiveness, relationships with partners, personal development, ect. Periodically review aspects related to aircraft management.
  4. Service oriented – provide a professional experience for passengers. Flexibility required. Ability to provide quality instruction with the heart of a teacher to some passengers and advanced K-State students.
  5. Knowledgeable in computer applications – update aircraft databases, create accurate financial reports monthly and annually, provide relevant information to current students and foundation members through Facebook and the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation website.

About the company:

JB Management Consulting is a consulting firm for high tech, international companies. Jan Burton, entrepreneur, President, and CEO, travels around the county as a contract consultant specializing in sales and marketing management. Jan is also starting a new venture of revolutionizing symphony orchestra by offering a more social experience and selecting “mash up” musical arrangements. In addition Jan is heavily involved with the K-State Foundation as well as the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation, both of which promote and assist the flight program in Salina, KS. Most travel needs are within Colorado, Kansas, and Texas with occasional trips to the East and West coasts and several other Midwest destinations.

If interested contact Robbie Moon at

And They’re Off!

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K-State Classic Racer #2 is headed to the Air Race Classic 2013Starting Line.  This year’s race takes off in Pasco, WA with the finish line at Fayetteville, AR.  The race is 2151nm, covers 11 states, and we must complete the race in four days.  K-Stater’s Tonya Hodson, Jen McLean, and Karen Morrison make up this year’s team.

Tonya raced last year with her teammate Nicole Lordemann.  They placed second in the collegiate division and eighth overall.  She is a ASMEL Commercial Rated Pilot and CFI.  She is a senior and will graduate in December.

Jen is a recent grad and has wanted to race since her freshman year.  She is is commercial instrument rated fixed wing pilot, private helicopter pilot, and working on her CFI.

Karen “Curly” is a Private pilot working on her instrument rating. She will complete her instrument checkride at K-State this summer.  Curly will lead K-State’s team in next year’s race.

“We are super excited about our adventure and appreciate the sponsorship of the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation immensely.”

For up to date information about the racers’ progress check out our Facebook Page.

Paid Desert Jet Internship

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Interested in exploring the world of business and commercial aviation but don’t know where to start?  Desert Jet, a full-service aviation management company and on-demand charter operator is seeking motivated undergraduate students for summer 2013 internship positions in the sunny Palm Springs, California area.

Join our dynamic team of aviation professionals through a hands-on internship experience where you will have the opportunity to learn the intricacies of corporate aviation flight operations, maintenance, marketing, and much more.

Internship responsibilities include:


  • Working with charter coordinators to quote, sell, and arrange logistics for charter flights
  • Assist the Chief Pilot with flight operation administration
  • Developing and updating electronic pilot training material
  • Providing customer support via telephone and email
  • Performing data analysis and audits in connection with our safety management system (SMS)
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Assist the Director of Maintenance in regularly scheduled maintenance inspections
  • Conduct parts inventory
  • Assist with document management
  • Provide administrative support in connection with FAR Part 145 repair station
  • Provide customer support during aircraft delivery events


  • Develop captivating promotional material
  • Manage social media outlets
  • Provide web and electronic content support
  • Assist in content creation for a new quarterly magazine
  • Promote popular destinations and aircraft capabilities

Our undergraduate positions are paid $10.00 per hour with a time commitment of 40 hours per week. If you are ready to join our team of dedicated and talented business aviation professionals for an exciting summer internship, email a cover letter noting your interest in corporate and business aviation and your résumé to Jason Herman (

Cirrus Class 3: Winter Edition

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Three more K-State students has successfully completed the Cirrus Transition Course. For those who have not heard, the Cirrus Course is an elective/scholarship available to Kansas State students thanks to Jan Burton. The course is an intense, week long class designed to stretch pilot experience and skill. For more information look Here and read a previous article: Cirrus-ly helpful.

During the winter edition we had a new set of experiences: this time we based the class in Boulder, CO underneath Class B airspace, included some mountain flying, saw Mt. Rushmore, and flew in -35 degree temperatures (C). Megan Henderson, Lee Anderson, and Tami Tucci all did a great job of handling the busy airspace, mountains, and flying a new aircraft.

On our Facebook Page we added pictures and updates throughout the class, but here are a few glimpses of what we did:



2012 Annual Foundation Update

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Connor Burton Aviation Foundation Annual Update

From:  Jan Burton

Date:  12.15.12

We’ve come a long way since many of you contributed to Connor’s Memorial Fund in the Fall of 2008.  The intent then was to sponsor a couple of scholarships at Kansas State’s Aviation Program, and 37 of you contributed to honor Connor’s memory.

With your support, I set up the “Foundation”, and we sponsored 3 juniors in the Professional Pilot program, all who went on to graduate and get important jobs. Brendan Compton was employed by Hawker Beechcraft as a test pilot and has now joined Dynamic Aviation as an”Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance” pilot, now in action in Afghanistan. Josh Stacey was accepted into the coveted Marine Corps Pilot training program in Florida, where they will invest $1M in his further training.

Since then, the momentum has continued to build, and my original idea has expanded greatly to address the needs andthe desire of aviation students (more on that later).  More of my friends and family have become aware of this program, and some are becoming believers and very important donors!

Summarizing the past 4 years:


Dollars:  $334,000

# of Donors: 55 of all types (a couple counts for 1 donor)

•44 individuals/or couples
•5 Trusts
•2 Foundations
•4 Companies
•7 repeat donations (thank you!)

Money used for

Scholarships: $267,000 (89%)

•25 Connor Burton Scholars, at $5000/year for 2 years
•50 Summer Scholarships, averaging $3000 each
•45 Flight Simulator Scholarships: $22,000

Collegiate Flight Team and Women’s Air Race Classic:$30,000 (10%)

Student Recruitment: $3500 (1%)

In all, we’ve helped more than 200 students!

For 2012, I’d like to highlight a few very special things:

•We sponsored the second year of a Summer Aviation Program, helping 27 students gain certifications and ratings over the summer through $84,000 of scholarships.
•The first Corporate internship was set up, thanks to Denise Wilson at Desert Jet in Southern California and to my sister and her husband, Conni and Mike Williams, who kindly made their home available for housing. Nicole Lordemann, Kansas State Junior, received this summer internship, and she was able to work in every department of a thriving charter company.  Since then, she received a $5000 NBAA Alan Conklin Business Aviation Management scholarship, partially as a result of this internship.
•The first donation came from outside the circle of “friends and family” when Jay Longinaker and his wife, graduate of the K-State’s Agriculture School and a pilot, donated after hearing about K-State’s Aviation program.
•After hiring a K-State graduate as my Corporate Pilot (an outstanding young man named Robbie Moon), we were able to put 4 students through Cirrus Certification and help with the K-State Mountain Flying course in Colorado.
•Finally, and perhaps most meaningfully, two current students, Nicole Lordemann and Tonya Hodson, “paid forward” by donating $300 back to the Foundation, in appreciation for the support they received for the Women’s Air Race.  This is the first time a student has given back, and I’m hopeful it will become a trend.(Note: these women were also recognized in front of 55,000 screaming fans during the K-State vs. Oklahoma State football game for their 2nd place collegiate finish in the 2012 Women’s Air Race Classic).

Now, a word about K-State’s Aviation Program: they have now transitioned to a new Development Director, Amy Cole, and a new Dean and CEO of the Salina campus, Verna Fitzsimmons. I was somewhat worried about their commitment to aviation and to their willingness to work with me, but they have been nothing short of amazing!  Backing up Dr. Kurt Barnhart, the Head of the Aviation Department, Bill Gross, Chief Pilot, and the entire team, the program continues to be rated in the top 5 in the country, at the best value, and they continue to invest in airplanes and resources. They have been very collaborative, and they are committed to the same values we are: helping students achieve their dreams and be successful in their aviation careers.

Now, back to the students: I had no idea the critical need of financial support these students had.  Many of their parents couldn’t or didn’t save for their kids’ education, and the cost of a Pilot program is $40,000 greater than an average degree.  Many of these kids are graduating with high student debt loads; averaging $35,000, with the highest I’ve seen at $77,000.  Add that to the fact that most have graduated to jobs in the $20K-$30K range, you can see the problem. This video, created by K-State, tells the story for many of them. The featured pilot, Brycen Sholz, is a Burton Scholar.

If you’d like more detail on our progress, please “friend” us on our Facebook page.

Being involved in this program has returned much more to me than I have given.  It has put me back in touch with two lifetime friends who I had lost contact with.  It has given me a real purpose to life, and it has earned me friendships with young, motivated, giving people.  The next generation will do just fine, and I am confident that the little leg up we’re giving will be returned many times over.

How can you help?  Well, your contributions to scholarships are already helping.  In addition, these kids need more opportunities that will lead them to jobs, so internships with aviation businesses, charter, and corporate departments are extremely helpful. Mentorships are invaluable. If you have any contacts in the industry, please let me know.

In summary, thank you for your support. 100% of your donation has gone to helping a motivated, committed student in need of financial assistance.  My hope is to continue our efforts and get more individuals and aviation companies involved.  If you choose to help again, I assure you your contributions will be helping students now. I’ll continue to be heavily involved in driving the program, and I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Women’s Air Race Classic 2012

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In the summer of 2012, Megan Henderson and Summer Gajewski formed “Classic 38” team, and Nicole Lordemann and Tonya Hodson formed “Classic 8”.  Check out Making History for more information about the race and what the competitors had to say about their experience.

Congratulations to both teams, finishing in the top 10 for the collegiate category this year A huge call-out to Nicole and Tonya, who placed 8th place, and who are contributing a portion of their $500 prize money back to the foundation, giving back early in their lives. You can see their smiling faces on our Facebook Page.

Piloting success: Aviation students get boost from Connor Burton Aviation Foundation scholarships

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SALINA — Three more students in Kansas State University’s professional pilot program have landed scholarships from the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation.

It’s the fourth group of students from K-State Salina to receive the elite award. The students, all juniors, were awarded $10,000 scholarships to be split between their junior and senior years. The recipients are: John Snyder, Salina; James Schreiner, WaKeeney; and Lee Anderson, Wichita.

The scholarship money can be used to pay for flying time or books and tuition, enabling the students to earn their flight certificates more quickly.

“This scholarship will allow me to earn additional ratings and licenses that I wouldn’t have been able to afford before,” said Anderson, who commutes from Wichita — a 180-mile round-trip — to attend classes.

“K-State’s program is really one of the most affordable, but it’s nice to have the help to reduce my out-of-pocket expense as I work toward the ratings I need. I’ve narrowed down my career path to corporate flying or medical evacuation flying, and I’m learning the skills I’ll need for either one in my classes,” Schreiner said.

“I’m in Certified Flight Instructor ground school and without the Burton Foundation, I wouldn’t be as far in my ratings as I am today,” Snyder said. “Because of the foundation’s aid, I have been able to accumulate many flight hours towards my flight ratings and licenses, which are my steppingstones into the industry.”

See who has received the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation scholarships.

Cirrus-ly helpful: Four pilot students receive training in advanced aircraft

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Jonathan Berroa poses with the Cirrus SR-22.

SALINA — An offer from a generous donor sent four Kansas State University Salina students soaring in an aircraft they hadn’t flown before when Jan Burton loaned them her Cirrus SR-22 and a flight instructor.

Burton is the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation’s chief advocate. The foundation subsidizes student flying time, attendance at flying competitions and air races, a speaker series and supports other flying activities at K-State Salina intended to upgrade students’ experience and improve their pilot capabilities. The foundation has donated than $250,000 to the university’s aviation program since 2008 to support these initiatives.

Robbie Moon, chief pilot for Burton’s company, is a 2009 graduate of K-State Salina’s aviation program and a certified flight instructor. He provided the students’ ground school on the aircraft’s advanced systems before they gained approximately 15 hours of experience in the cockpit, flying to various locations in the region such as Goodland, Emporia, Kansas City and Dallas.

“We flew into Class B airspace, which is really busy, and we flew into uncontrolled airspace where there is no air traffic control tower — you just talk on the radio to the other pilots. “I also logged my first Class A airspace, which is the airspace above 18,000 feet,” said Tonya Hodson, junior in professional pilot, Marion.

“Flying the Cirrus was a great way to get experience in an increased performance aircraft,” said Jonathan Berroa, senior in professional pilot, Avon, Ind. “Students usually don’t get into icing programs until later in the program, but we got taste of icing conditions when we were flying at high altitudes.”

“The autopilot system in the Cirrus is more advanced than the systems in K-State’s smaller aircraft and the Garmin Perspective glass cockpit is the next system after the G1000 systems that we use,” said Juan Guardado, senior in professional pilot, Irving, Texas.

“We went through the systems and the emergency procedures, so we also learned about the oxygen and parachute systems. By the end of training I was pretty proficient at programming the flight plan using the plane’s flight management system,” Guardado said.

“It was nice to fly the Cirrus and learn its systems because it’s a popular general aviation plane, so it’s likely I’ll fly one in the future,” said Trevor Henson, junior in airport management, Peoria, IL “It also makes a person a better pilot when they are given the chance to fly a variety of different airplanes.

K-State is an elite, top five aviation university. Located on the Salina campus and adjacent to a 12,000-foot runway, the aviation program has a modern fleet of nearly 50 learning aircraft and offers instruction by Master Certified Flight Instructors. Affordable bachelor’s degree programs are available in professional pilot, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, airport management, avionics and unmanned aircraft systems, as well as technology management and engineering technology. An airframe and powerplant certificate program is also available. More information on the K-State Salina aviation program is available at

Source: Jan Burton, 214-632-6289,

News release prepared by: Natalie Blair, 785-826-2642,

Happy landings: Nearly 30 aviation students receive Burton scholarships

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The Connor Burton Aviation Foundation is providing 27 Kansas State University Salina aviation students with $84,000 in flying scholarships to help with the cost of flight fees over the summer.

The purpose of the Summer Aviation Program is to help students achieve additional flight ratings as quickly as possible and to move them toward the goal of becoming certified flight instructors. This year’s goals for the program are for 5-10 students to earn flight instructor ratings, and another 10-15 students to reach other certificates and ratings.

The students will fly Cessna 172 Skyhawks, Beechcraft Barons and Beechcraft Bonanzas, depending on where they are in their training. They will work to earn flight ratings ranging from private pilot to certified flight instructor instrument.

“My goal is to be an airport manager, so it’s important that I am familiar with all aspects of aviation,” said Tyler Lewis, junior in airport management from Aurora, Colo., and one of the scholarship recipients. “The Summer Aviation Program lets me focus on flying during the summer so that I don’t have to worry about it as much during the rest of the year when I’m focused more on my management classes.”

“These scholarships keep students flying and working on ratings all summer instead of taking a break that might put them behind,” said Kurt Barnhart, head of K-State Salina’s aviation department. “Some students are able to work on ratings that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach, such as certified flight instructor instrument, either because of time or the financial burden.”

“The  purpose of the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation is to help students achieve their dream of becoming a pilot,” said Jan Burton, the foundation’s chief advocate. “It’s very expensive to become a professional pilot, and we’re trying to help alleviate the need for costly student loans and expedite their flight training. In addition, this program will help with the looming pilot shortage by helping more students become flight instructors to teach more students.”

This is the second summer for the program; 24 K-State Salina students received scholarships totaling more than $70,000 in 2011. The foundation intends to continue developing the program to benefit more

students in the future by involving the aviation industry and more interested individuals.

In addition to subsidizing student flying time, the Burton Foundation sponsors attendance at flying competitions and air races, sponsors a speaker series and supports other flying activities intended to upgrade students’ experience and improve their pilot capabilities. More than $250,000 has been donated to Kansas State University’s aviation program since 2008 to support these initiatives.

Students receiving scholarships are:

Brycen Scholz, senior in professional pilot, Atchison, $5,000; Blake Miller, senior in professional pilot, Cheney, $1,500; Ben Taylor, sophomore in professional pilot, Derby, $3,000; Ryan Dorsey, senior in professional pilot, $5,000, and John “Jack” Henry, senior in professional pilot, $3,000, both from Emporia.

From Greater Kansas City: Teddy Mwachia, senior in professional pilot, Olathe, $5,000; and Tefera Getahun, senior in professional pilot, $3,000, and Russell Simons, senior, professional pilot, $1,500, both from Overland Park.

Wayne Adams, freshman in professional pilot, Hutchinson, $3,000; John Snyder, junior in professional pilot, Manhattan, $1,500; Brianna Patterson, freshman in professional pilot, Miltonvale, $5,000; Justin Kaufman, senior in professional pilot, Moundridge, $1,500; Travis Balthazor, senior in professional pilot, Palco, $1,500; Kevin McCurdy, senior in professional pilot, Salina, $2,500; Brian Cornell, senior in professional pilot, $3,000, and Rusty Weckwerth, junior in professional pilot, $5,000, both from Topeka; James Schreiner, junior in professional pilot,Wakeeney, $3,000; Mark Wilson, senior in professional pilot, Wamego, $1,500; and Lee Anderson, sophomore in professional pilot, $1,500, and Dash Tsao, senior in professional pilot, $3,000, both from Wichita.

From out of state:

Tyler Lewis, junior in airport management, Aurora, Colo., $5,000; Michael Potts, senior in professional pilot, Highlands Ranch, Colo., $3,000; Mar’Quis Hubert, sophomore in professional pilot, Washington, D.C., $5,000; Felix Tse, senior in professional pilot, Derwood, Md., $1,500; David Brayer, senior in professional pilot, Independence, Mo., $3,000; and Kelly Brenner, sophomore in professional pilot, Las Cruces, N.M., $3,000.

From out of country: Takahiro Suzuki, senior in professional pilot, Utsunomiya, Japan, $5,000.

Scholarships Keep 24 K-State Pilot Students in the Air Over Summer

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SALINA, Kan. — Twenty-four Kansas State University professional pilot students earned ratings this summer after receiving scholarships through support from the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation and friends. The 24 scholarships total more than $70,000.

“The scholarships helped keep the students in the air and working on ratings so that they didn’t fall behind during the summer,” said Mark Friesen, director of development for K-State Salina. “If it weren’t for this generous gift, most of these students wouldn’t have flown between the spring and fall semesters.”

“The scholarship is really helped me out this summer,” said Chelsea McChesney, senior in professional pilot, Winfield, Kan. “I was really worried about how I was going to be able to handle the financial aspect of working on my CFII and my multi-engine rating this summer. I thought I was going to have to take out a pretty big loan to cover it.”

Kurt Barnhart, head of K-State’s aviation department, noticed a significant increase in the number of students flying this summer.  “We usually are down in flight hours over the summer months, but this year you could hardly tell that the spring semester had ended,” he said. “We had a lot more students working on ratings this summer than I can remember having before.”

“The purpose of the Burton Foundation is to keep students flying so that they can accomplish their dreams,” said Jan Burton, chief advocate of the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation. “Helping these 23 students focus on earning their ratings rather than how they are going to pay for their flight time exemplifies what the foundation is about.”