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Megan Henderson & Nicole Lordemann Compete in Women’s Air Race

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Hours of planning, studying weather, updating sectionals, and preparing our plane are what we have to look forward to in the two months. Why you might ask? This summer we are competing in the Women’s Air Race. We will be racing against 50 other teams, across a span of almost 2400 miles. We are both very excited and cannot wait to start what is sure to be a very exciting adventure.

By being able to compete in the Air Race, Nicole Lordemann and I will be able to have the opportunity to fly outside of our comfort zone. This summer we will be flying to eight different states, six of which I have never flown in before. So it will be a new learning experience for both of us. We will have to use all of the knowledge we currently possess, and all of our aeronautical knowledge we don’t even know we have, to complete this race in just four days.

In the next week, Nicole and I will be plotting our route on our sectionals so that we can begin to know the route we will be flying this summer. We will begin our journey by flying from Salina up to Iowa City, Iowa. We will be leaving Friday July 17th for Iowa City. Over that weekend we will have many briefings and be able to meet our competitors. Then the race will begin on Tuesday the 21st, and will end in Mobile, Alabama on the 24th.

We will be stopping at ten different airports during our four day race. The closest to Salina will be Great Bend, KS. During the four day race we will have to study the weather patterns and determine our best course and altitude based on what the winds are doing that day.

We wouldn’t have been able to complete this trip without the help of the Burton aviation foundation. This program has made this trip possible. Neither of us can express how truly grateful we are for this opportunity. The Burton foundation hopes that Kansas State University can continue to be represented by our future students. Nicole and I hope that we can have the younger females at our school participate in this race in the future, so they can have the same opportunity that we have been very lucky to receive.

We are both willing to help the team next year make all the preparation necessary to prepare for and fly the race. Luckily we have had two awesome mentors, Robin Laws and Niki Gaskins, who flew in the race a few years ago for Kansas State. Hopefully, if we can continue to have participants every year, the older racers will be able to mentor the younger racers. This opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we both would encourage students to participate in the future.

Thanks again to the Burton aviation foundation for all of their help; without them, neither Nicole or I would have been given this awesome opportunity.


Megan Henderson

Burton Foundation Scholarship Program Extended

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The Connor Burton Aviation Foundation has announced the expansion of the scholarship program at K-State’s Aviation program.  Already funding three scholarships at both the junior and senior level, they are increasing the funding to account for cost increases and adding scholarships at the sophomore level.  “In today’s tough financial environment, our goal is to help students achieve their goal of becoming aviators.  It’s great to be able to expand this program to help more students,” said Jan Burton, chief advocate of the foundation.  Students are applying now and announcements will be made later this spring.

Josh Royse: Student Rep. for Burton Aviation Foundation

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Josh Royse has been named Student Representative for the Burton Aviation Foundation at K-State Salina.  In his role, he will communicate the mission of the foundation, assist in using foundation money to impact students and K-State’s aviation program, and keep the website updated.

Josh, a sophomore in professional pilot at K-State Salina, knew from an early age he wanted to be a pilot.  He had already earned his helicopter license from the USA Academy of Aviation in Murrieta, California, when he decided to attend K-State’s aviation program in Salina.  His goal is to finish K-State’s pilot program in the next two years and then fly for the Marines or the Army.  Eventually, he would love to pursue firefighting in a rotorcraft, but says that he is content within any career option that allows him to fly.

Josh is also a talented singer and songwriter, auditioning for American Idol in 2005, and touring in Europe for  nearly 5 years before settling on an aviation career. His experience in songwriting has shown in the classroom: His expository writing essay just received 1st place at K-State’s 25th annual awards banquet.

He is the oldest of seven children and is active on campus with the baseball team, intramural sports, residence life, and the student life center.

Brendan Compton Turns Hawker Beechcraft Internship Into Full Time Position

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SALINA — Brendan Compton, a Burton Scholarship recipient, graduated in May 2010 with nearly 800 hours, approaching the minimums necessary to be an airline pilot. He is now a senior pilot in production flight test and transportation at Hawker Beechcraft Corporation in Wichita.

Compton, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical technology and obtained several pilot certificates and ratings going up to certified flight instructor – instrument and multi-engine instructor. He also obtained high altitude training and endorsements, as well as a second-in-command type rating in the CitationJet.

“Much of the this advanced training was made possible by the Burton scholarship, and in a highly competitive industry it is those extra above and beyond qualifications that often mean the difference between employed and unemployed,” said Compton.

The multi-engine instructor rating Compton earned was a requirement for his current position. The advanced training he obtained in K-State’s Canadair Regional Jet simulator didn’t hurt.

“That training had a huge impact towards my success as an intern,” said Compton. “The CRJ simulator is equipped with a flight management system and a Pro Line 4 avionics suite. Most of the larger aircraft at Hawker Beechcraft are equipped with Pro Line 21 avionics, which is very similar to Pro Line 4. That allowed me to focus more on the task at hand, rather than trying to learn how to read a display or use a flight management system. It also proved to be invaluable during my training at Flight Safety in the Hawker 800. Before I was offered the job, my instructor at Flight Safety was contacted by Hawker Beechcraft and because of my confidence in the advanced jet environment he was able to give me a strong recommendation.”

He was comfortable in the jet environment because of his participation in K-State’s transportation program and his experience obtained in K-State’s advanced level classes and simulators. “I flew both the King Air and the CitationJet. My destinations included Washington, D.C., Texas, and Kansas City, to name a few. I earned 30 hours of turbine time because of the Burton Scholarship.”

Compton has flown an impressive list of planes at Hawker Beechcraft that includes Bonanza G36, Baron G58, King Air 90Gtx, King air 200, King air 250, King air 350i, Premier 1A, Hawker 400, Hawker 750, Hawker 850xp, and Hawker 900xp.

“When an airplane is turned ‘ready to fly’ we go to the airplane and review what needs to be completed on the flight. It could be anything from beginning a quality assurance inspection on the plane’s first flight, or doing an ‘in-flight’ where we are completing the final proving flight before the airplane is sent for certification,” he said. “Each plane has its own inspection that must be completed and signed off by a production pilot before it can be certified and sold.”

Before being hired on as senior pilot, Compton went to Hawker Beechcraft in June 2010 as a production test intern. The internship was scheduled to last six months, but three months in, he was approached with a full-time job offer.

“The internship had me flying the same production flights that I do now, but didn’t involve any company transportation,” he said. “The internship was a great experience and allowed me to acquire flight time in brand new airplanes and learn the workings of a production flight department.”

In December he will have completed Flight Safety training in the Beech 1900D, the Hawker 750/800/900 series, and King air C90. He is also adding company employee transportation to his list of duties.

Compton hopes to continue building experience at Hawker Beechcraft, but he’s not ruling out the possibility of taking a job in corporate aviation or flying for an airline. And the latter is a definite possibility.

“After I was hired on full-time, I was contacted by Atlantic Southeast Airlines about interviewing for a First Officer position. The gentleman I spoke with said they valued the advanced jet training, glass cockpit, and flight management system experience very highly. Although I wasn’t able to attend the interview, I was glad to hear that I had built a strong knowledge base during my attendance at K-State Salina, and that others at K-State can do so as well, thanks to support from people like Jan Burton.”

Josh Stacey and Samantha Scharff Graduate

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Burton Aviation scholars Josh Stacey and Samantha Scharff graduated in the professional pilot program, participating in a graduation ceremony at K-State’s Student Life Center.  Josh will continue to teach students as a Certified Flight Instructor while he awaits his Marine commission. Samantha has also been employed within the aviation field recently. More information on her future career coming soon!

Scholarships Awarded to Three Seniors at K-State

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The Connor Burton Aviation Foundation has awarded three additional aviation scholarships at K-State for the Fall 2010 semester. These scholarships, worth $5000/year for their senior year, have been awarded to students already enrolled in K-State’s aviation program. Roger Abraham of Wichita, Kansas, Zach Powell of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Sarah Wildman, of South Charleston, Ohio have become the third group of students to receive this valuable award.  The scholarship money can be used to pay for flying time or books and tuition, enabling them to complete their aviation education. This officially expands the scholarship program to six per year.

Burton Scholarship Recipient Brendan Compton Graduates

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Brendan Compton, one of the first three Burton Scholarship Recipients, graduated on May 8, 2010 with nearly 800 hours, approaching the minimums required to be an airline pilot.  It took Brandan just two years and one month to become a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and he was teaching seven students during his last semester.

The Burton Scholarship allowed him to train in the Canadair Regional Jet simulator and take Flight Management Systems training classes. “That’s similar to the sims used in interviews and airline training programs. The FMS training transfers to, and parallels, the systems in most larger aircraft.

“It’s also allowed me to accept opportunities to participate in the transportation program. I’ve flown both the King Air and the CitationJet and been to Washington, D.C., Texas, and Kansas City. I’ve got 30 hours of turbine time.”

Brendan spent most of his spare time during college flying or working. He spent two summers interning in weather modification flying in Scott City, Kansas.

In June, Brendan starts a 6-month internship with Hawker Beechcraft as a production test pilot. “Interns have ended up with full time employment at the company in the past, so there is potential opportunity to be hired on, either way it is a great first step into the industry.”

Congratulations Brendan!

Josh Stacey signs with Marine Corps

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Joshua Stacey, a Burton Scholarship Recipient for 2009-2010 has recently signed up with the Marine Corps officer training program.  “The Marines will give me opportunities for the future and gives me discipline now,” he said.  Josh plans to spend 10 years in the Marine Corps and then become a commercial or corporate pilot and a helicopter pilot. He will graduate in the Fall.

2010 Connor Burton Aviation Foundation Scholarships

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The Connor Burton Aviation Foundation has awarded three aviation scholarships at K-State for the Fall 2010 semester. These scholarships, worth $5000/year for their junior and senior years, have been awarded to students already enrolled in K-State’s aviation program. Carol Cooper of Salina, Kansas, Christopher Rogers of Lyndon, Kansas, and Bryan Valliere of Wichita, Kansas have become the second group of students to receive this valuable two-year award.  The scholarship money can be used to pay for flying time or books and tuition, enabling them to earn their flight certificates more quickly.

Burton Scholar Samantha Scharff receives important internship

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Samantha Scharff, senior in aviation, Halstead, will be one of five students interning for International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal, Canada, this summer. The other four interns are from Colorado, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria. Scharff will spend 5 weeks shadowing ICAO’s director of flight operations and the director of air traffic management.

“I will be learning about how ICAO creates aviation guidelines concerning safe altitude operations, airspace charting, and also about how they conduct aviation regulations and enforcement,” Scharff said. “I will also learn about Air Traffic Control regulations and guidelines.”

The internship is offered through a partnership between ICAO and Women in Aviation International. “Every year, Women in Aviation International offers nearly $250,000 worth of scholarships,” Scharff said. “I have been a member of WAI for three years but this is my first year to apply for a scholarship or internship.”

As the Outreach Chair Board Member for K-State at Salina’s WAI chapter, Scharff helps with recruiting and fundraising. She feels that her leadership positions in WAI and the internship will help her achieve even more than her childhood dream.

“I’ve wanted to be a pilot ever since I was old enough to play outside,” she said. Her dream has expanded to include air traffic control. “My career goals are to eventually fly for a major airline, either domestically or internationally,” Scharff said. “After graduation I plan to move to Kansas City, continue flight instructing, and pursue a job in dispatching.

“This internship with ICAO will give me an opportunity to learn even more about the regulations and flight safety guidelines in the aviation industry,” she said. “It will also improve my communication skills and understanding of trafficking safety which will be beneficial as both a pilot and a dispatcher.”

Samantha plans to graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in airway science.