Sarah Wildman

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Scholarship Recipient Date: August 15, 2010

Sarah Wildman has known she’s wanted to be a pilot since she was 10 but she hadn’t considered doing it professionally until she was 14 when a church elder took her up in his Cessna 150.

“I found out my dad and several family members had been pilots and that’s what got me interested in aviation.”

When she started looking at collegiate aviation programs, Kansas State University rose quickly to the top of her list.

“I liked the K-State Salina campus and the smaller size. Everyone was really friendly. Troy Brockway joined us on our campus tour. His nametag said assistant chief flight instructor and it was impressive that he would take the time to talk to us.”

The senior from South Charleston, Ohio, has now earned her Certified Flight Instructor Instrument rating and is using her Burton Scholarship to earn her Multiengine Instructor rating and she has taken several trips with Troy in the university’s King Air and CitationJet.

“I love flying the King Air; it’s a nice plane and it’s an amazing experience for students.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Sarah also does glider towing with a Cessna 172. “That’s a whole different kind of flying. It’s probably the second most difficult flying I’ve done, other than flying the glider.”

When she isn’t flying or teaching others to fly, Sarah is reading or doing something with the Civil Air Patrol.

A member of the Civil Air Patrol since 2006, she has taught at the Civil Air Patrol National Flight Academy, is the Kansas Wing Safety Officer, and attended National Blue Beret at AirVenture Oshkosh, the world’s largest airshow, in 2009 and 2010.

“I was a cadet administration officer, so I was support staff. But I still did everything the other cadets did when I wasn’t helping with paperwork. We acted as flight marshallers, helped at the Ultralight runway, searched for aircraft that were reported overdue, and a variety of other assignments. I believe it is the best way to experience AirVenture.”

When she graduates in May, she hopes to intern at Flight Safety and then to go into corporate aviation. “I’m attracted to smaller companies because I think there is more variety in the locations and the flying opportunities offered.”

Sarah appreciates the Burton Foundation’s willingness to work with students to help them achieve their professional goals. “They have the students’ best interests in mind and want us to use the money in the way that will help us the most. It’s nice that they recognize that seniors need help, too.”

“I chose K-State for the transportation co-pilot program and because of the campus size. I liked the opportunity to go to a big-name university with a small campus where you can get to know your professors and other students.”

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