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Scholarship Recipient Date: August 15, 2008

Joshua Stacey began flying gliders at age 14. In fact, he started the Sunflower Glider Club in his hometown of Hutchison, Kan. But he didn’t have his first powered lesson until he arrived on the K-State at Salina campus.

“My dad is a private pilot. When I was younger, I went for rides with him, but I couldn’t control anything,” he said. “Even though I hadn’t had a powered lesson, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life flying. Nothing beats it. One of my favorite memories is seeing the Kansas City skyline at night when taking off in a Cessna-172.”

His college search narrowed to four: K-State, Embry Riddle, LeTourneau, and Spartan.  “Of the aviation programs I learned about, K-State had the most prestigious program and was the most affordable aviation education I could find. It was an extra bonus that it was close to home!”

Now a senior majoring in professional pilot and technology management with a minor in business and a certificate in airport management, Josh is a CFI and is working on his CFII.

“The Burton Scholarship has given me the edge to get a head start on my education,” he said. “It will give me jet time next semester and has made me more competitive when applying for jobs.”

Josh currently is a CFI for a local business. He is also acting president of Alpha Eta Rho, a senator in the Student Governing Association, and a member of Ultimate Frisbee Club and Women In Aviation. He started a marathon running club his freshman year and is a participant and referee for intramurals events.

He is also in the Marine Corps officers training program. “The Marines will give me opportunities for the future and gives me discipline now,” he said.  Josh plans to spend 10 years in the Marine Corps then become a commercial or corporate pilot and a helicopter pilot.

His favorite part of flying: the art of being in control of the plane and making decisions based on your own judgment.

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