Megan Henderson & Nicole Lordemann Compete in Women’s Air Race

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Hours of planning, studying weather, updating sectionals, and preparing our plane are what we have to look forward to in the two months. Why you might ask? This summer we are competing in the Women’s Air Race. We will be racing against 50 other teams, across a span of almost 2400 miles. We are both very excited and cannot wait to start what is sure to be a very exciting adventure.

By being able to compete in the Air Race, Nicole Lordemann and I will be able to have the opportunity to fly outside of our comfort zone. This summer we will be flying to eight different states, six of which I have never flown in before. So it will be a new learning experience for both of us. We will have to use all of the knowledge we currently possess, and all of our aeronautical knowledge we don’t even know we have, to complete this race in just four days.

In the next week, Nicole and I will be plotting our route on our sectionals so that we can begin to know the route we will be flying this summer. We will begin our journey by flying from Salina up to Iowa City, Iowa. We will be leaving Friday July 17th for Iowa City. Over that weekend we will have many briefings and be able to meet our competitors. Then the race will begin on Tuesday the 21st, and will end in Mobile, Alabama on the 24th.

We will be stopping at ten different airports during our four day race. The closest to Salina will be Great Bend, KS. During the four day race we will have to study the weather patterns and determine our best course and altitude based on what the winds are doing that day.

We wouldn’t have been able to complete this trip without the help of the Burton aviation foundation. This program has made this trip possible. Neither of us can express how truly grateful we are for this opportunity. The Burton foundation hopes that Kansas State University can continue to be represented by our future students. Nicole and I hope that we can have the younger females at our school participate in this race in the future, so they can have the same opportunity that we have been very lucky to receive.

We are both willing to help the team next year make all the preparation necessary to prepare for and fly the race. Luckily we have had two awesome mentors, Robin Laws and Niki Gaskins, who flew in the race a few years ago for Kansas State. Hopefully, if we can continue to have participants every year, the older racers will be able to mentor the younger racers. This opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we both would encourage students to participate in the future.

Thanks again to the Burton aviation foundation for all of their help; without them, neither Nicole or I would have been given this awesome opportunity.


Megan Henderson

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