Lee Anderson

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Lee is a Junior in Professional pilot program, 29 years old and married to Anne. He lives in Wichita, working part time as a technician, and commutes to Salina for classes.

With a full-time job as a technician, he decided to return to college, and he began looking at different majors. His father and wife bought him a lesson in a Robinson helicopter for his birthday in 2009, and from that point forward he knew being a pilot was what he wanted to do. With the full support of his family and the company he works for, he was able to make that transition to a full time student.

He is currently working on CFI and plans to continue as a flight instructoruntil he has enough experience to fly medical, Eagle Med or Life Team. He would like to continue teaching throughout his career, to share the joy of flying with as many people as possible.

The Connor Burton scholarship has given him the opportunity to concentrate on school instead of worrying about finances. It will help himget his Instructor ratings faster, enable him to finish the program, and enable him to work toward his desired aviation career.

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