Tom Thibaud, Southwest Airlines Captain

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February 9, 2010

Speaker: Tom Thibaud, Captain, Southwest Airlines, Boeing 737

Tom grew up in Wichita, Kansas and knew before he could throw a baseball that he wanted to fly.  To pursue a career in aviation, Tom attended flight school at American Flyers in Oklahoma.  Throughout his training and career, Tom earned his CFI, MEI, CFII certificates and type ratings on Boeing 737, Beechjet, Learjet, and King Air 350.

Tom started his flying career as Flight Instructor in 1979 at United Beechcraft in Wichita.  Tom then became a corporate pilot and flew Beech Bonanzas, Barons, King Airs, a Beechjet, and a Lear 35.  Following corporate aviation, Tom joined the airline industry and has spent the past 10 years at Southwest Airlines, four of them as Captain.

Tom’s son, Jarod, graduated from K-State’s Aviation program in 2005 and is currently flying for the military.  Tom was a flight instructor with Connor Burton and a friend for many years.

Tom’s mentoring talking points:

•Careers in aviation

•What he sees as opportunities in aviation

•Pro’s and con’s of different aviation careers

•What students should do to prepare

•His top recommendations for students

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