Hall Lewallen, 2010 K-State Grad and Charter Pilot

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Hall Lewallen graduated from K-State Salina in 2010. He is currently a full time pilot and safety manager for Cutter Flight Management, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Cutter Flight Management runs a fleet of jets and turbo props for charter, involved with aircraft sales and management, and has several FBO operations and FAA Certified Repair stations in the Southwest.

What steps did you take to get to your current position?

I developed a strong passion for corporate aviation early on and began flying in high school. I earned my private pilot and instrument rating during that time, and then chose to attend K-State. Once at K-State, I flew as hard and as often as I could to earn all of my certifications and was hired as an instructor at the beginning of my sophomore year. After logging 800 hours of instruction at K-State, I completed three internships that prepared me for my current position and helped me make connections within the business aviation world.

Any advice you would give a current K-State student?

If you’re passionate about aviation, stick with it and work as hard as you can while in school and never turn down the opportunity to fly or gain experience in the industry. Also, internships are invaluable and will help you achieve your dreams.

Any advice you would give to a new graduate?

Aviation, especially corporate aviation, is very tight knit and it’s highly important to maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity at all times. Furthermore, be willing to work hard and honestly both inside and outside the cockpit; there’s much to be done in the office and if you can make your flight department a safer and more efficient operation, do it.

What is your favorite part about your job/ aviation?

Where should I begin? Everything!! I love being able to help clients get where they need to go comfortably, whether for business or pleasure (it’s extremely rewarding to be a part of this). Of course, flying incredible aircraft and seeing sunrises and sunsets from the cockpit are additional benefits. As with any career, you’ll have days that are more challenging than others and I use these to make myself better overall. Additionally, I truly look forward to work every single day and enjoy everyone whom I work with.

What do you dislike about your career?

In all honestly, nothing.

Anything else you would like to add?

You will definitely stand out simply for being a graduate of KSU; I strongly believe that it’s the best aviation school in the world. Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence in the aviation industry and your efforts will definitely be recognized and rewarded.

One final word of advice: Don’t take a job offer simply because it’s an offer. In other words, wait for the right one. Make sure that where you’ll potentially be employed is the right fit for YOU and that the company has respectable individuals working there, a clean safety record, and all of the values that you’d want to be a part of for long-term employment.

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