Director of Flight Operations Position

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JB Management Consulting

Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot

Position Summary:

This position exercises operational control the the company aircraft (Cirrus SR-22T) and ensures all activities of the flight department, including flight operations, personnel, and equipment comply with FAA regulations. The tentative start date is October 2013.


Commercial SEL


1200 Hours Total Time

75 Hours Sim/Actual Instrument

G-1000 Proficiency

K-State Graduate

Essential responsibilities and required skills:

  1. Superior pilot competency and judgment – accurately plan all flights, make go/ no-go decisions, professionally execute trips, provide logistical support, and constantly evaluate safety and risk during flight operations putting safety first and mission objectives second.
  2. Effective communication – accurately communicate discrepancies with maintenance personnel, inform CEO of maintenance activities, regularly update aircraft schedule, and maintain a healthy relationship with the home FBO.
  3. Self starter and problem solver – identify problems and solutions and work to implement them. Constantly look for areas to improve the aircraft, flight operations, flight experience, cost effectiveness, relationships with partners, personal development, ect. Periodically review aspects related to aircraft management.
  4. Service oriented – provide a professional experience for passengers. Flexibility required. Ability to provide quality instruction with the heart of a teacher to some passengers and advanced K-State students.
  5. Knowledgeable in computer applications – update aircraft databases, create accurate financial reports monthly and annually, provide relevant information to current students and foundation members through Facebook and the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation website.

About the company:

JB Management Consulting is a consulting firm for high tech, international companies. Jan Burton, entrepreneur, President, and CEO, travels around the county as a contract consultant specializing in sales and marketing management. Jan is also starting a new venture of revolutionizing symphony orchestra by offering a more social experience and selecting “mash up” musical arrangements. In addition Jan is heavily involved with the K-State Foundation as well as the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation, both of which promote and assist the flight program in Salina, KS. Most travel needs are within Colorado, Kansas, and Texas with occasional trips to the East and West coasts and several other Midwest destinations.

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