About Connor

Connor Burton was born in Syracuse, Kansas on October 9, 1953 to an aviator/farmer and teacher.  Like many pilots, Connor knew from an early age that he wanted to fly.  He grew up watching his father combine his farming career with his love of aviation by selling airplanes, crop dusting, and running the local airport.

Connor became a pilot in his mid-20′s, earning his initial licenses in Colorado, and he began his aviation career in Wichita, Kansas.  He built his flying qualifications and hours by working as a flight instructor and earning his certificates with his own hard-earned money.  As a flight instructor, Connor taught people from all walks of life how to fly airplanes.  He was the most patient, fun, and easy-going instructor you could ever meet, and Connor’s students learned to love flying the same way he did.

After earning his stripes as a Flight Instructor, Connor was hired as a corporate pilot by a small oil and gas drilling company. Among his many flight responsibilities, he flew unique runs out to oil fields, landing at drilling rigs or dropping paychecks out of the airplane in a loaf of bread.

He then flew as a charter pilot in Kansas, Florida, and Texas before joining American Airlines in 1986.  Connor began his American career as a Flight Engineer on the Boeing 727, flew Co-Pilot on the DC-10, 767, 757 flying to Europe, South America, Caribbean, and North America and became Captain in 1996 on the Fokker 100.  He retired on the Boeing 737 after 20 years of his dream career with American Airlines.  He prided himself on “greasing the landing”, and he called himself “Quick Connor”, getting his passengers to their destination on time.