Student Programs

The aviation industry, like many industries, is cyclical.  The downsizing we saw in the past few years is already turning into a pilot shortage as many pilots face mandatory retirement.  Hard work, the right attitude, and a lifelong commitment to learning can help you develop an  exciting and rewarding career in aviation. The Connor Burton Aviation Foundation is here to help attain your dreams!

Current K-State Aviation Students

You can apply for the Connor Burton Scholarship, if you are entering your Junior year in K-State’s program.  The funding will be approximately $5000 per year for both your Junior year and your Senior year. For more details or an application, contact:  In addition, we sponsor a Summer Program, providing scholarships to >25 students for the past two summers; and also sponsor Cirrus Certification, WIA, and the Flight Team. Check the latest News and Events to see how these programs are impacting students.

Scholarship Recipients and other student beneficiaries

We hope that the scholarship or the funding your received while you were at K-State was meaningful to you in your flying education and eventually with your career.  When you are financially able, we would encourage you to “give back” to future students by contributing to the fund.