Flight Team

The Burton Aviation Foundation has sponsored the K-State’s Flight Team’s involvement in the SAFECON Intercollegiate Flying Competition since 2010.

The competition consists of 13 events. The events require the following:

  • Contestants work against the clock in the Computer Accuracy event as they manually solve mathematical flight planning computations on time, speed, distance, wind correction, fuel requirements and conversion factors.
  • The Crew Resource Management/Line Oriented Flight Training event tests contestants on their ability to work together as a two-person crew as they navigate in-flight situations during a simulated cross-country flight.
  • In the Ground Trainer event contestants fly a complex pattern of climbs, descents and turns on a flight simulator. Scores are determined by the pilot’s accuracy.
  •  The IFR Simulated Flight tests contestants on their ability to perform in a simulated instrument flight rules flight environment while adhering to the standard procedures required by the Aeronautical Information Manual and Air Traffic Control.
  • The Short-field Landing event tests a pilot’s skill at maneuvering and manipulating the aircraft. After taking off and flying a normal traffic pattern, the objective is to land as close to, if not on, the target line as possible.
  • The Men’s Achievement Award is given to three participants based on academic accomplishments, community service and aviation involvement.
  • The Power-off Landing event is similar to the Short-field event, except that the approach is made by gliding to touchdown.
  • Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation is a written event with problems that reference a simulated cross-country flight. Participants answer questions on weight and balance, aircraft performance, aeronautical charts, weather interpretations and fuel consumption.

For information about the 2012 National competition click Here or check out the Flight Team’s Facebook page.