Simulator Matching

The Paradigm Regional Jet Trainer is a precise 1:1 replication of the actual CRJ-200 cockpit used today by many commuter airlines.  A fully enclosed flight deck and 220 degree wrap-around visuals completely immerse the pilots in the training environment.  All flight deck controls, panels, knobs, switches, and other components of the simulator are replicated as in the real aircraft in size, placement, and functionality.

The Connor Burton Aviation Fund has donated $20,000 to help students pay for their time in the simulator.  The simulator runs $160 per student for one hour.  The CRJ-200 simulator focuses on cockpit communication skills, so there must be two pilots in the simulator during each mission.  The Connor Burton Aviation Fund puts $160 towards every hour the simulator is in use, therefore cutting the cost to K-State students in half.  This program has drastically increased simulator usage and provide a much needed benefit to many future pilots. Due to the excellent experience students can receive in the simulator, Crew Resource Management is now a required class for the K-State Professional Pilot bachelors degree. Students also have the option to take Crew Resource Management II as an elective to further polish their cockpit communication skills.

“After I was hired on full-time, I was contacted by Atlantic Southeast Airlines about interviewing for a First Officer position. The gentleman I spoke with said they valued the advanced jet training, glass cockpit, and flight management system experience very highly. Although I wasn’t able to attend the interview, I was glad to hear that I had built a strong knowledge base during my attendance at K-State Salina, and that others at K-State can do so as well, thanks to support from people like Jan Burton.”

-Brendan Compton, 2008 Burton Scholarship Recipient