Our Partners

Kansas State University:

Acknowledged as one of the top Aviation Programs in America, Kansas State University offers a world-class fleet including a KingAir, Beechcraft Barons, Beechcraft Bonanzas, and Cessna 172’s with glass cockpits. The Jeppeson-Sanderson educational process with Master Certified Flight Instructors gets students in the air within two weeks. Learn more about this 4-year program at the following website: http://www.flyk-state.com and read Plane and Pilots review of Kansas State Aviation.

Our Donors:

Numerous friends and family have graciously supported the fund with donations since Connor’s death in 2008.  This funding has been used to establish the vision and mission, help students attain their flying degrees, and enabled us to contribute to programs that serve K-State’s entire pilot student base.

The Aviation Industry:

The industry can become involved in the future of aviation through the support of young upcoming pilots.  We are working now to involve the aviation industry in partnerships for funding, mentoring, hiring, etc.  In the summer of 2012 Desert Jet created a new internship program with the Connor Burton Foundation. You can read what the intern, Nicole, had to say about her summer here. Please contact us if you’d like to become involved.